Will we lose control of our data if we use Baragar software?
No. Not only does your District/Board/Division have control of their data, you retain 100 % ownership of your data. Once the custom software is delivered there are import options in most of the products for unlimited data sets to be integrated into the software for consideration, manipulation and analysis.
How will Baragar software integrate with our District’s current software and hardware?
The software is downloaded electronically, from our secure Client-only website and loaded to the Client’s PC. To date, there has never been a problem with integration.
How does Baragar handle: data conversions, schedule delays, integration of corporate applications to legacy systems, patch/fix management during implementation and sustainment?
The software, all upgrades, new features releases, and patch/fixes are downloaded electronically from our secure Client-only website. None of the issues listed above have created problems in previous implementations and should not be in new situations either.
What is the frequency of major software upgrades?
Depending on the product, the upgrades are completed either annually or throughout the year FREE of charge. New features, and upgrades are announced via email. Every District/Board/Division can influence future modifications to the software. Please contact us for details.
What commitment is there that changes associated with legislation or reporting requirements are made to the product?
Changes to legislation or reporting made by the Ministry will result in software development. We have never charged our Client for such changes; nor do we plan to. For example, our Clients in Ontario, who had Staff Allocator, had the ability to perform “what if” scenarios before the class size caps became legislation. Therefore, they were aware of the impact before legislation.
How is training delivered?
We have found that providing 30 minutes of instruction by WebEx to get our Clients started is the best way for learning to begin. Once the Client has had some time to ‘play’ with the software, we provide ‘in-classroom training’. Some Clients simply want a WebEx training experience over several sessions, and others prefer a face-to-face, in-classroom, experience. We adapt to each Client’s request.

From train-the-trainer, to customized training sessions, to live-on-line; training can take place anywhere. Our Clients typically pick up the phone when they begin a new project for a refresher or if they have a question. We can answer most questions over the phone and in some cases, using WebEx, we can take control of the screen to solve more complicated issues.

Training-on-demand is available on our Client-only website. Videos and PDF files, that can be downloaded, provide a step-by-step how-to’s approach to learning.

How is the software maintained and supported?
Support of the software is not dependent on the version and the District/Board/Division will automatically be provided with the latest version as soon as a new version is developed.
How can a software development company understand the needs, requirements and issues of a School District/Board/Division’s planning, research and HR departments?
Baragar’s founder, Chuck Curteis, a past teacher and principal, was the Director of the Surrey School District Planning Department when it was the fastest growing District in Canada. Chuck spent 10 years working for Statistics Canada in the Department of Education. A second employee, Howard Holtman is the past Chief Executive Officer of Assiniboia South School Division (now known as Pembina Trails School Division)

Members of the Baragar Staff annually attend and participate in approximately 17 education conferences to stay informed and elicit feedback from educators across both Canada and the US.