Since 1982, Baragar Systems (“Baragar”) has developed custom planning software for School Districts (hereinafter referred to as “Clients”).

Baragar respects and upholds an individual’s right to privacy and to protection of his or her personal information. Baragar is committed to ensuring compliance with applicable privacy legislation.

“Personal information” for the purposes of this statement means information about an individual student. It does not include aggregate information which cannot be associated with a specific student.

“Baragar” for the purpose of this privacy statement means Baragar Enterprises Limited, doing business as Baragar Demographics and Baragar Systems.

“Third Party” for the purposes of their privacy statement means any person or entity other than Baragar and the Client.

In certain instances, and in order to provide the specific service requested, Baragar requires that the Client send to it an extract of student data from its Student Information System. This data may contain personal information.

Ownership of Personal Information Transferred By Clients

Baragar is a service provider to the Client. As stated in the contract with the Client, personal information is the property of the Client. Control over the personal information remains with the Client.

Transmission of Personal Information

Baragar requires that Clients transmit personal information in a secure manner. We require that the Client send the information using, a password-protected, Client-only website. We refuse to accept personal data that is not submitted securely.

Purpose for Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Baragar collects and uses personal information transferred from Clients for the sole purpose of performing the services contracted for.

The only circumstances under which personal information may be disclosed to third parties is for the fulfillment of the service contract or as required by law. Where personal information is disclosed to a third party contractor, Baragar will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the third party contractor has appropriate security procedures in place for the protection of the personal information transferred to it.

Safeguarding of Personal Information

Baragar protects personal information from risk such as loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, modification, or destruction through physical, administrative and electronic security measures.

Accuracy of Personal Information

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that personal information transferred to Baragar is accurate.

Requests for Access to personal information by Information Subject

As the Client is the owner of all personal information it transfers to Baragar, all requests for access to this personal information by the information subject (the “access request”) will be handled by the Client. Should Baragar receive an access request, it will forward the request in writing to the Client contact identified in the contract for service.

Historical Archiving and Destruction of data Containing Personal Information

Baragar retains Client data, including certain personal information contained in the data, for the purpose of historical archiving and for future inclusion in its custom software applications. Retaining this historical data is important for Baragar’s ability to provide ongoing services for the Client as well as the ability to provide certain services the Client may request in the future.

Should the Client deem it necessary to have the data destroyed, Baragar will do so, subject to an applicable legal requirements to retain the data. The Client will be responsible for providing written direction to Baragar with respect to an acceptable method of data destruction.

Outgoing data Privacy and Revisions to this Privacy Statement

Baragar is committed to privacy and will continue to enhance and improve the procedures to the best of our ability, our knowledge, and with the technology available. Due to changes in technology and legal requirements we may revise this Statement from time to time. Any revisions to this Statement will be provided in writing to the Client contact identified in the contract for service with the Client.

Questions Regarding this Privacy Statement

Should you have any questions regarding the content of this privacy statement or the privacy data security practices at Baragar, please contact the Baragar Privacy Officer at (604) 535-3690.